Monday, January 30, 2012

Ron Paul Could Destroy the Two Party System...

Ron Paul could destroy the very flawed two party political system. If he were to win the Republican nomination and in turn the presidency, he could then run as a Libertarian or and Independent. An incumbent president running against two other parties with the ideologies of Ron Paul would cause panic in both parties! He strongly appeals to the fiscal conservatives in the Republican party and just as strongly appeals to the Democrats who vote based on civil liberties. This sort of scenario could easily play out splitting the vote 3 ways and if he won re-election it would give credit to alternative parties such as Constitutionalists and Libertarians.

Wouldn't you just love to see establishment politicians bouncing off the walls in panic to posture themselves to garner support from not just one person but two people running against them? I believe that atmosphere would change our current process from that of a popularity contest into more a of a refining procedure. Politicians would more easily be seen as the demogouges they are and the more honest ones would stand out in contrast as would be expected when you have more choices.

I remember being told in political science classes that a two party system is far better than a mult-party system. After taking the time to research I was confronted with the election of Abraham Lincoln. The election of 1860 was one of the most important in our nations history in which Lincoln ran against not one party, not two parties but three parties! A four party race is what unfolded and the we elected Abraham Lincoln who is thought to be one of the greatest presidents in our nations history. If more Abraham Lincolns are what we have to look forward to with multiple parties, I cannot wait. I look forward to expanding our political options and limiting the options of tyranny. I look forward to voting for Ron Paul and hope that he does make a third party run in his re-election campaign. 

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