Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ron Paul IS electable

The statement that Ron Paul is not electable more than baffles me as of late. I could understand that four years ago when people were still in a stupor, proclaiming the line of propaganda that "the fundamentals of  our economy are healthy".  After the market crashed and gold shot through the roof the Federal Reserve should have been revealed for the scam it is and Ron Paul the near-prophet he is!  These things (and the odd lack of attention from the media towards such a man) forced me to take a second look at the candidate that I once accepted as fringe. I researched his policies from A to Z (In his book, Liberty Defined, he literally defines his position on the issues in alphabetical order) and I quickly became a Paul-tard as the Levin-tards (see what i did there?!) would so eloquently put it.

Ron Paul has accurately predicted the expansion of government in every area. Each predictions have happened in the time-frame he gave for them as well!  He pointed out the abuses of the Patriot Act, future legislation such as NDAA, PPACA (that's Obummer-care for you Levin and Limbaugh listeners!), TARP, multiple wars and military adventurism and unstable conditions and the overthrowing of governments as what happened with the Arab Spring. All of this incredible foresight from a man that is so easily written off as un-electable.

On top of that many who call him fringe and kooky, are quick to support candidates like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. What is the problem with that you might ask? Ron Paul is very literally more electable than both!  He consistently does better than each candidate in polls comparing them to Barrack Obama. What's more is that if any candidate deserve the title "un-electable" it is these two!  They have failed to qualify for the ballots in multiple states while Ron Paul is on the ballot in every state!

Whether you like it or not, Ron Paul IS electable. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are not. Live with it. 


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  2. I have supported Ron Paul for many years, since he ran on the Libertarian ticket. I quit the Libertarians when they supported open borders, free speech rights for pornographers, and a women's right to choose to kill her baby. I believe the establishment and the banksters will never allow Ron Paul to be elected president. If he wins the nomination, they will assassinate him by a "lone nut", or have the CIA organize a fatal "accident", like crashing his airplane. They have done this before. Anyone who becomes a credible threat to their power will be eliminated one way or another. They will try money, media, or powerful friends in powerful positions. However, if all else fails, they will kill the threat. If Paul is killed, it could cause a revoltion, and martial law. Very bad!!

    1. I think that if Ron Paul were to be assassinated, the type of revolution that came from it would be a good one. Martyrdom is of the most fertile soil to grow a message.