Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Don't Run Against Obama...

It seems to me that people are making a huge mistake when buying into the notion that this election is about getting Barack Obama out of office. Mainly because when we reduce the issues from ideology to men, it does the democratic process a great disservice. People do not seem to think through with whom we would replace him  and tend to be happy with whoever can simply defeat him.

Barack Obama signing NDAA into law
In reality, Obama has not been much different from George W. Bush.  Both candidates voted for huge stimulus spending, expanded the role of government in healthcare, over-extended the military and signed legislation into law that compromises the liberties afforded us by habeas corpus (e.g. N.D.A.A. and the Patriot Act). There are many more things I am sure they have in common that I could spend all day on but the point is that we apparently have not learned our lesson with George W. Bush.  We are poised to elect Mitt Romney who would be just like the two previous presidents (Obama and Bush) if not worse.  The ideology between the field of G.O.P. establishment candidates and that of our past 4 presidents is not significantly different.

The ideological impact of replacing our incumbent president with Gingrich, Romney or Santorum would be the equivalent of replacing Communism with Fascism. All of the current contenders with the exception of Ron Paul have "plans" to fix every problem while all along it has been the plans that are the problem.  As long as we keep electing men who think they have the answer to the problem, we'll only be making it worse.  This idea that we can use the government to fix all of our problems is in reality the root of them! Ron Paul is the only candidate who is running on the idea that we take power away from the government and let people live life the way they see fit! No matter how good a politicians promise sounds it is only a recipe for tyranny when it involves government action in place of individual autonomy as government action naturally does!  We need a passive government that will allow us to take care of ourselves. Ron Paul is the only candidate who truly embraces that ideology!

Dr. Ron Paul
When we make an election about voting the incumbent out we lose sight of the issues and create fertile grounds for intellectual dishonesty. We embrace one man who will do the same things that we hated in another and give into a double standard.  The hypocrisy has to stop one day and it will. Whether it comes because our system has collapsed and can no longer be sustained or because we have had an awakening of people who are no longer willing to vote for a party or a man but insist on electing an ideology.

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