Saturday, February 11, 2012

Identifying a Crazy Person. (Newt Lasso's the Moon)

a newt
In my experience, you can tell that someone is crazy once they start coming up with elaborate plans like get rich schemes and unusually lengthy and hard to follow explanations of the mechanics thereof. A con-artist comes to mind.  I usually apply the same common scrutiny sense in identifying a loon as I do the politician giving a speech.  People can swap some goofy stories about people trying to get their friends to go in on some sure-fire Ponzi scheme but Newt Gingrich takes the cake!

Not too long ago, crazy uncle Newt pitched his grand idea in Florida to colonize the moon! Several things set off the crazy alarm on this the biggest and most notable being the condition of our economy. With high unemployment and soviet style run away spending, why would anyone want to increase by 15% our already bloated debt?  How does one claim to be the conservative alternative to a "Massachusetts moderate" and then have great money inflating ideas like that?

Is it fair that we try to put a tin foil hat on Ron Paul who is basically saying that we've tried the Keynesian/big government thing, lets try sound money and more individual Liberty? This man is clearly been channeling the paleo-conservative ghosts of Reagan, Goldwater and Eisenhower. Is that fair when his opponent so vocally defies all reason with ideas of recession-funded moon colonies that would make John Maynard Keynes proud? If you can't see the horrible delusion in that, please sign up for the new moon colony. I'm sure you'll like it.

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