Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can't Wait for the Brokered Convention!

The thought of a brokered convention usually sets the party base on pins and needles. For me it is a welcome event! All this time, ignorant social conservatives have been amassing to participate in straw polls to fall behind the candidate that they believe can beat the other guy. This action is possibly the most infuriating thing for me to witness in politics. It completely takes issues off the table and effectively reduces the election process to a popularity contest. In this scenario we always end up replacing the incumbent with someone just as bad and often worse. In all honesty, if republicans cared about the actions of a politician instead of what party to which they belonged, they would be in love with Obama! George Bush signed TARP and other ridiculous stimulus programs into law. He enlarged the roll of government in the healthcare industry more than any other president since Johnson. He started two cumbersome, inefficient and blunder-frequent wars. On all of these issues it seems like all Obama did was one up the former president!

The parties are clearly identical and I do not mean to compare democrats and republicans so I'll move on. In all of his cleverness, Ron Paul has been strategically picking up an army of well informed and devoted delegates (an irate and tireless minority) while the other candidates divide the rank and file portion of the GOP. When it is time for the national convention, none of the candidates will have the required amount of votes to obtain the nomination. At this point, those delegates which were at one time bound to cast their vote for the popular vote winner will no longer be required to do so! With all of the Ron Paul infiltration in the delegate process, this could easily put him in first place as we battle for the nomination at the national convention.

I can hardly wait to see that hopeful day when we have an ideologically consistant and honest president in office. One who will not kick the can further down the road in lieu of a fake legacy and comfortable stay at the white house but will tackle imperialism, fractional reserve banking, the growing nanny state/big brother and essentially fight to restore the liberties that the founders of our country fought and died for.

Ron Paul 2012! 

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