Thursday, March 8, 2012

Raising Money for Ron Paul...

So the past couple years have stretched the bank account a little thin! I have felt the effects of a highly regulated and fractional reserve banking driven economy.  It has emptied out my wallet but not my ambition! I pretty much have very little more money to give to the Ron Paul campaign and starting brainstorming on ways to get some money flowing to him. Google ad sense is one thing I have going but it takes a long time to reach the $100 dollar threshold in profits which is the point that they pay out. If it the campaign is over, I still promise to make a donation to a Ron Paul supported cause.

I have therefore turned my focus to possibly a more productive way to raise money! I recorded another Ron Paul song. There simply aren't enough already of course! Long story short, all profits from song will be going to the Ron Paul campaign and it is your duty to purchase and share it with friends and family. Here is the link...

Download Ballot in the Box (Ron Paul song) by Lee Gillespie

Thank you for your time and enjoy!!! 

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