Monday, January 28, 2013

What a let down....

This last presidential race showed a glimmer of hope when it looked like Ron Paul might actually have a shot. Then, the movement (or at least it's existence inside of the GOP) was steam rolled by the mob mentality fostered by our demo-gouging politicians. While I was had almost entirely given up on the Republican party as a legitimate political option already, the rejection of Ron Paul was the last straw for me. Naturally, like many of my friends in the liberty movement, I ended up voting for Gary Johnson and threw my support behind the libertarian party. 

It is incredibly interesting to me that people think Romney would have had a significantly different presidency. If the trends in the 20th century show us anything, one presidents mild abuses of power have translated into the following presidents furthering of such abuses.  

  • The Patriot Act under Bush and NDAA under Obama.
  • TARP and stimulus packages under Bush and Auto Industry bailouts along with more stimulus packages under Obama (stimulus usually meaning that we printed more money and either redistributes the stolen currency value among the citizens or to some private corporations or other group). 
  • And lastly how could you forget the health industry in which Bush signed a $400 billion Medicare Prescription Drug Modernization Act and as if Obama had to show him up, he signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
This year has given me ample opportunity to become pessimistic about our societies ability to reason and wake up to many of the alarms and it does diminish my hope for us to be a truly free people. It seems that people are just intent on sleeping through the merger of our growing nanny and police states to one day wake up to fascist government when it is, of corse, too late. 

I have to then examine myself and my own learning experiences in the cause of Liberty. It wasn't long ago that I was possibly the most devout "conservative" you might meet in your short stay on earth.  If I could see the little erosions through my Teddy Roosevelt (You may exchange Teddy for Franklin if it helps you relate in a Democrat scenario) colored glasses so can the people around me. 

Whether more Liberty comes through the election of a Gary Johnson (or maybe the GOP redeems itself with the likes of Rand Paul or Justin Amish) or it comes through our resistance (hopefully peaceful but recognizing that the tree of liberty sometimes must be watered with the blood of both patriots and tyrants) to totalitarianism, I look forward to being a part of that movement spreading liberty.

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